See no Evil 2 – Review


To be clear, the first SNE was not a good film but was an effective gore film. Said so let’s move on. I am one of the few crazy people that actually liked the original SNE and I am not happy with this long delayed sequel. After watching SNE2 it I felt the same way I felt after being forced to watch those embarrassing awful bunch of horrible straight-to-DVD sequels Disney were producing in the beginning of 2000 (Red and Toby 2, Mulan 2 etc. ewww). Were Soskas compelled into making a PG followup to SNE?

My expectations were sky high when i heard that Soska twins were attached to helm this project.  I am so fond of the work they did with American Mary, that movie is an all time horror favorite of mine, so freakish, seductive, and bizarre (and great for the music department). I was firmly convinced they were going to make some hardcore steamy twisted re-imagination of the franchise but more brainy, more consistent, memorable. Anyway from those authors I was expecting a lot. Hello guys you did American Mary (and your short film in ‘ABCS of Death 2‘ was pretty awesome too) so what’s going on? Why did you even jump on board of this SNE boat?

Apparently Soskas are former WWE employees and this is why they had some much affection for Kane and See No Evil, this is why they saw potential for a return. And yes I thought they were the right guys for the works, I mean some BDSM/goth/ hardcore/badass tattoos twins. What more could you ask for?

See no Evil 2
See no Evil 2 – Watch your back.

Backpedaling to the original source, the first installment was a slasher film released without much publicity and fanfare but it succeeded in becoming a small sensation for gore fans, not a cult but something like that in a minor sort of way. That movie it was not gold but all considered (production house, director, actors, script), it was more than ok, let me dig into it for a second: the killer, gargantuan “WWE Kane” Jacob Goodnight  had this back story (not the most original, Norman Bates-ish but at least a back story), a memorable ‘physique du role’ and easy as it gets he was poking eyes out from the face of his victims. Most of those disturbing grossly graphic scenes were shown onscreen. So everyone when asked about ‘See No Evil’ would be like – oh yes that movie I watched with the pillow in front of my face because it was too gory!-. But at least that was the film’s identity. This is it: Jacob is out on a rampage, will take your eyes off and leave right after he had snuffed you horribly.

the original 'See no Evil' on Rottentomatoes
the original ‘See no Evil’ on Rottentomatoes

When you work on a sequel for such a nasty repugnant bloody property you are supposed, in some way, to live up the original and make it even more engrossing and mad, this is the point of making splatter and gore movie, am I wrong?

But this followup did not have any of that. I picked this movie because I wanted a good title for my ‘Gory Sunday Night’. But I ended up utterly discontented. The cast (a hideous group of boring random characters) was so underused and mismatched (they had Danielle Harris the goddess of Indie horror and Katherine Isabelle from American Mary) poorly scripted, thrown in a morgue (!!!!) in a situation so unbelievable, vomiting lines so cliché it was painful to watch. But the worst thing of course was Jacob Goodnight (aka the butcher, aka the killer machine, aka the eyes collector) . Ok I get it you got tired from the killing spree you just caused (See no Evil 2 facts happen right after what occurred in the first film) but seriously? Almost every of the 5 killings happen super fast and OFFSCREEN (#Wtfreak). Almost no blood is spilled. So I guess the money for the fake blood was small but what’s the point of making See no Evil 2 if there is not a single gross scene? Sorry Soskas but I feel extremely betrayed.

See no Evil 2
See no Evil 2

I just hope people will stick with the first entry and forget that this one ever existed. So unlikely and unnerving (for all the silly running around everywhere but towards an exit, of course the phone is in a vault (WTF), a million doors…, Jacob Goodnight, first time there already knows his way in an building that is infinite (or maybe was not and the victims were just running back and forth for 1 hour or so? yawn), and he is always able to find them and gently kill them (if a cat was the killer more blood would have flowed). With this film Soskas succeeded into turning a gore deity into a flat madman from the saturday afternoon horror films.

I remember Soska making big announcements over Facebook or something, they said they were going to shoot some scenes never filmed before in a horror film. So I was wondering what crazy torture they were planning to do to the eyes. But no.

SPOILER ALERT. The only memorable thing about this movie is that A GUY made it alive to the end, not a girl, nor Katherine Isabelle or Danielle Harris who survived many psychos in their film careers. In spite of the basic rule of scary movies where is a virgin that usually stays alive, this time around the last man stand is a virgin man, cute-ish and unable to confess his love to his colleague. WOW. Nerd empowerment. But from Soskas I would have expected a little more consideration for their female characters, if not respect. Come on seriously.

And now to the pros. The final scenes with all the zooming around the morgue is the only thing I found good about this movie, which is not what I expected to dig in this film. The final song was good and that reminded me of American Mary and some good music scenes they put in there.

See no Evil 2
See no Evil 2

I am open to discussion, maybe someone of you liked this SNE2 more than the original- I hardly doubt . I just don’t understand, Soskas Why?


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